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  1. Mucho ánimo a los dos!! pasárlo todo lo bien que podais y disfrutar de la aventura!!
    Ha sido un verdadero placer el haberos conocido, gracias por vuestra ayuda y aqui estaremos los Spanish bullfighters para animaros y ayudaros en lo que podamos.
    Un abrazo

  2. Hemos leido vuestro blog todos juntos, la yaya, maribel y nosotros.
    Mientras que tu estas en madrid escribiendo este blog, nosotros nos hemos echo un pendiente…jeje.
    Todos los dias seguiremos visitando vuestro blog y comunicandonos contigo. Espero que te no te duelan mucho esas vacunas…xd. Espero que sigas escribiendo este blog agusto mientras que estas en el viaje, y que pongais fotos en el. Hasta pronto. Besos. Jose, David, Esperanza y Maribel

  3. Hey Andy,

    Best of luck with this one mate. I know you must be really excited, in that “so much to do, but loving every minute of it” kind of pre-rally way. If I didn’t use up all my bloody holiday going to mongolia in that mini I would right beside you in a pimped up union jack themed rickshaw.
    I will follow your progress with much interest and jealousy.

    Viper (Rupert driver No.1)

  4. Vamos chicos 🙂 Muy bien! Y sabeis que? Entiendo casi todo que has escrito (bueno 57%) en espanol…. but my Spanish isn’t quite what it was 😛

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK to both of you on this fantastic adventure. I can’t wait to hear how it compares to the Mongol Rally and what antics you get up to on the way.

    Have Haynes done a manual for a Rickshaw yet? Be sure to pack a BIG hammer and plenty of gaffa tape!

  5. Hi Andy & Espe,

    Made it home this morning and after a few hours power napping got up and headed straight for the pub for a well earned Guinness! England seems so quiet without meeting up with everyone every few hours for a curry and a local brew (chi or stronger depending on the time!) but I think it’ll take no time to re adjust back to normal society!!

    wanted to give you guys a MASSIVE thank you, I had an absolutely wild time dragging 3 wheels and 250kilo’s of mish mash nuts, bolts and steel across India with you both!

    Take care for the rest of your world exploration, have an awesome time and we’ll all see you both when you land home later on in the year.

    Man love and hugs,

    Tim (Nick, Harrie and G too)

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