Officially Signed Up

Exciting stuff… we are now officially on the entry list:

Teams List

That just leaves us to arrange the charity funds & sponsorship. We’ve already got our innoculations and I’ll be picking up our Indian Visas tomorrow. It was quite tedious getting them, but the Indian Embassey pales in significance when compared to the Russians.

Boo to the Taj

One of our ideas for the fundraising was to arrange a large curry night and get all of our friends and companions down. We have a favorite curry house in Madrid that prepare food to our taste (nice and spicy, something that can be quite hard to find in Madrid). The owner knows us and greets us every time we are in there.

Because of this, I figured that we would be able to strike up a good deal. In exchange for some free advertising we could fix a price per head, of which a percentage would go to the charity and the rest to the restaurant. We thought that bringing in a 50 or so curry loving ex pats would be good enough to seal a deal… unfortunately not. He offered us a whole 10% discount. Pretty pathetic really when considering many of our guests would be likely to return and that we are attempting to raise money for a charity that works against poverty in India.

So that’s off. We’ll see if we can get another restaurant to fill the gap.

It’s been a long time coming

I’ve been hankering on and on about this Rickshaw Run lark for the whole year now, and now, finally I can say that the accompanying website is up and running. It wasn’t difficult, its just that we’ve been to busy with other things. There is still a lot to do with the page which should, with any luck, materialise over the next couple of weeks.

So, what is this all about then? In need of a bit of a challenge, Espe and I have decided to take on the League of Adventurists second challenge: The Rickshaw Run. All we have to do is drive one of India’s finest forms of transport, the Auto Rickshaw, some 2500km from Cochin in the South to Darjeeling up North in the Himalayan foothills… all in two weeks. Unlike their other adventure, The Mongol Rally, this has not been done before. This is a complete unknown. It strikes me as an immense distance for a crap vehicle in a country that is renowned for it’s bad roads and terrible driving standards. But hey, it would be no fun if it was easy.