“It could be crazier than you think”

I’ve been speaking with a client this week who is based in Bangalore. After the arduous discussions about remote ILOM console sessions to an Sun Fire X4200 server, the conversation turned towards the rickshaw run… Below is one of the mails I received from the chap.

Subject: RE: 37718975 – X4200 console problems
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2006 17:36:20 +0530
From: Damodaran **********
To: Andy Place


Bangalore has nothing of tourist interest (Apart from me, of course! :)). But man! It could be crazier than you think. Have you ever seen an Auto before (Auto Rickshaws are called Auto around here)? It scares me just to think some people travel from their house to the office. It sure is an extreme adventure sport. All the best for your charity work.

Damodaran NJ.

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