Curry Night

My mind is a bit mushy today so please forgive this poor writing…

Last night a whole group of us got together and went down to Lavapies to the Taj Mahal restaurant. This was a combined last dinner in Madrid / fleece my friends for charity purposes. There was a good twenty of us there so a huge thanks is due to all who came along. I had a fantastic night, and it seems like most did too. Along with a good feeding we did a Rickshaw Pimping Competition by passing pens round along with the Rickhaw Image. Espe and I were amazed how everyone took to it with such enthusiasm.

The results, I think you’ll agree were fantastic. It was a tough decision for the winners, but Raul and Ana won 2nd place while Philippe got first place winning a red hot chilli… See all the designs on the hastily knocked together pimp page.

Having arranged a good price for the meal and covered the a large portion of the drinks bill on my Buen Menu card, the bill came to less than €20 a head. Most people gave more, leaving all the extra to charity. On top of that I was touched to be presented with a leaving present from my colleagues at Sun in the form of a huge donation to the charity… In effect, they’re buying me a Rickshaw, and a man can’t really ask for more than that!

All in all, a fantastic night, and I’m very happy to say with last night taken into account we’ve now hit the minimum charity donation for the Rickshaw Run. Thank you VERY much people!

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  1. Espe, Andy,

    It was a fantastic night for us too. All the best for the trip!

    We’ll keep you posted (assuming that we survive the Vindaloo sauce jejeje)

    R & A

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