It’s all about the Facial Hair

I’ve been procrastinating. Instead of writing about the amazing experience Espe and I had with the Mercy Corps team in remote mountain villages (it will come and it should be worth the wait), I’ve been faffing about with photos.

Way back in February there was much talk on the Rickshaw Run forum about colonial style Englishmen. Many got excited at the prospect of G&T’s, Pipes, Pith Helmets and Mustaches. Having won the 05 Mongol Rally Novelty Beard Competition (you know i did Richy) I figured I could be well up there on the mustache stakes. So having left work back in December, I stopped shaving.

Throughout the run, for pure comedy effect, I chopped and changed the tache (The added bonus with this is that the film crew will not be able to edit the footage out of order due to the changing face). I went from full beard to goaty. 80’s Porn star to Indian style. I even had locals commending me on it. The final effort for the finishing ceremony was, judging by the reaction, legendary. Accompanied by 1920’s quiff, I did indeed look the part. My only regret, is that I do not have enough photos.

Enough sillyness. The next post will be meaningfull.

5 thoughts on “It’s all about the Facial Hair”

  1. Top class mate! After some discussion with my flatmate we have dubbed the facial hair styles, in order #1 The dodgy uncle, #2 Borat, #3 Ali G, #4 The Crazy Greek

  2. The tshirt is all wrong for 20s style. You were supposed to have suit and tie for mongolia but not Darjeeling with the real colonial history?

  3. Good lord. Those are fantastic! Well done with everything – off to the Smiling Bubble for my birthday tonight. Memories eh?

  4. Having switched to #2 (which was actually #3 cronologically speaking), Mat pointed out that I looked like Borat. Espe remarked “Oh yeah” in realisation, immediatly followed by “Oh no!” in despair.

    Happy birthday Pete. I can only assume you had a good one daan the ol’ bubble.

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