It’s all getting rather exciting.

Having arrived here in Cochin on the 24th we’ve had time to see more and more teams arrive. Along with the familiar faces from previous meetings there have been a load of new faces. I’m struggling with names, but it is very interesting getting to know so many people in such a short time. There are all sorts involved. It is going to be really interesting to see how this all pans out.

Today, Mat, Claire (Team Shanti Shanti), Espe and I went of with a Rickshaw driver to his spares shop and garage to take a look around and try to buy as much rickshaw tat as possible. This was all very exciting for us, but most of exciting of all, is that the Rickshaws (all 35 of them) are due to turn up in just under 2 hours time… I foresee a night of frantic Rickshaw Pimping.

One thought on “It’s all getting rather exciting.”

  1. I hope you have my rickshaw pimping plan with you ! I can’t do that twice ! Don’t forget to flatten your tires to make it look real ! Send some pictures ! Have a great trip !

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