… I’ve found a moment to get to an internet cafe. Our Rickshaw is currently in the Bajaj Dealership for it’s 2000 km service. I think it well needs it. The poor thing is only designed for city use, yet we’ve put it to the test. Long stretches of motorway flat out (its good for 62kph), twisty (beautiful) mountain roads, pot hole ridden roads (on a par with Kazakhstan) and dust tracks.

All mighty good fun, but very tiring. I’ve not had a chance to update this at all, as I’ve either been driving, eating or sleeping. I’d like to get some photos up, but the connection is terrible, so for the time being take a look over the official web page (a few of my own pics should be sneaking their way up there soon).

The last couple of days have been fantastic. We took to the mountains to get away from the tedious motorways and we rewarding with stunning scenery and remote villages. The curiousity of the locals and the looks of disbelief are incredible and always bring a smile to my face. Whenever we stop within minutes we have a crowd of onlookers, although eating breakfast with the hole village watching is a little wierd.

We’ve been in convoy with the same teams from the Start. A Nice Cup of Tea, Bombay the Hard Way, Shanti Shanti and
Mr Tom. We’ve also met up with the Curried Away boys with surprising regularity.

We are currently in Bhawanipatna, and hope to make the Simlipal National Park tomorrow. At this rate we should make Darjeeling in four to five days.

And for those of you who have not been following the Live Text Updates, you might be suprised to hear that two teams have made Darjeeling already.

3 thoughts on “Finally…”

  1. Good stuff, keep going and dont rush i would try to make the most of the long bendy roads in the mountains. HAve fun…

    looking forward for the pictures.

  2. Well you just about made it in time. Have you caught up on your sleep yet? How was the poor little vehicle by the end? Was the bodywork battered as well as the engine?

    Well done!

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